Francesco Curatella – Musician, composer

Musician, composer, modern guitar teacher at several schools in Milan and its province. For 20 years he performed in over 2,000 concerts worldwide. He collaborated RaiTv and some of the most important music agencies from Italian alive.
E ‘author of music, text, multimedia shows, soundtracks for documentaries and theatrical performances.
And ‘it Tied to artistically Triad band Vibration (World Music) and the duo Drop2 (Electro / acoustic-Reggae). It has been conducting its own research based on sound recording sound samples of nature, which are processed to be played as a true and proper musical instruments and using the loop-machine, a tool that allows you to record and overdub in real time musical parts that are being executed live, in order to obtain the effect of a full band created by a single person.

Eric Tornaghi – Filmmaker

Filmmaker, has worked and collaborated with La7, RAI and TV Europe TSI. Following numerous documentary productions, cultural enrichment programs and naturalistic as Empire, Atlantis, Mission Nature, Geo & Geo, A World In Colour, the slopes of Kilimanjaro. This work led him to travel to the ‘Europe, Africa and Latin America. In 2011 he made the documentary Sahara dog sledding and that ‘was broadcast on RAI 3 and La1 (IST). She has been working with director Sabino Esposito in documentaries and music videos, including “have a life ahead” of the Neapolitan band 24 Grana. In 2014 he wrote and produced the video “Direct TV” of Neodea band. He is currently working on several projects, but there ‘s always room for new adventures!

Atenaide Arpone – Freelance journalist.

Specializing in gastronomy.

Current collaborations: Reed Business Information (The Italian Bakery, The Italian confectioner, Large Kitchen Professional, The Gelatirere Italian) and, very recently, even FMCG. Head of the Richemont Club Communications, INAP (National Institute Tasters Pani), Casimirri and Raimondo Mendolia (master pasta maker).

Andrea Giomo – Lecturer in sensory analysis

Scientifically rigorous and strictly creative, and ‘degree in Agricultural Sciences with a degree in Food Biotechnology. And ‘Sensory Analysis professor at the Faculty’ of Agronomy’s ‘Politecnica delle Marche and and’ a statistical expert at the International Olive Council (IOC) in Madrid. It ‘a management consultant on sensory analysis systems and Head of the Section Research and Development of INAP (National Institute Tasters Pani). He also collaborates with several newspapers.


Photography – Travel – Drone videomaker – Webmaster