On the night it has been on a single light in the valley.
And ‘one of the dog box: just this night is expected birth of Ellen, a strong female husky. Three boys are anxious, awaiting the birth pangs, for days just waiting! Finally comes the long awaited moment and they, excited, attending the event filming every moment until the last puppy was born. Ellen knows the house do and licks one by one her six puppies with loving maternal instinct.
We Alpe Brunedo at 1450m above sea level, on the border between Italy and Switzerland, in host communities “Brunedo nature” where they train working dogs as “therapeutic activity” to promote the educational development of the guests. Here lives Aioub, a Moroccan boy, left for Italy eleven years ago; She had never seen snow and never imagined doing the breeder of sled dogs, a profession which did not know existed. No wonder, therefore, if you will experience the feeling of reliving the scenes of the film “Cool Runnings,” based on the true story of the first Jamaican bobsled team.
Time passes and the husky puppies grow fast, although only three of them are still alive after childbirth: this is the sad but inevitable law of nature, though Aiuob is training the puppies survived. Today the wind howls, but the sun is shining, the snow is compact and in the distance you see advancing a sleigh pulled by four husky. The musher the It leads with much dexterity and while getting closer, from behind the trappings of glasses and hat discover to be Aioub. Strongest of the four years spent learning the secrets of “mushing” the young guide dogs experienced, but unfortunately ‘Aioub must’ leave the pasture to the completion of his eighteenth birthday and will get a job in order to renew his residence permit to avoid the risk of being repatriated. Will he fulfill his dream and will be able to face the challenges, victories, defeats?